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Relevent Links

The following is a list useful links that we have compiled.

The Science Researh Fellows program at DePauw is one of several programs of distinction at the university.  We link to them due to their direct involvement in our education.

The home university of the Science Research Fellows Program.

A compilation of excellent resources beyond our own!  Highly recommended!

To acccess the PDF document, you will need to "sign in".  This IS free and only used to track usage of the documents.  "By emphasizing both excellence and equity, the Standards also highlight the need to give students the opportunity to learn science.  Students cannot achieve high levels of performance without access to skilled professional teachers, adequate classroom time, a rich array of learning materials, accommodating work spaces,and the resources of the communities surrounding their schools.  Responsibility for providing this support falls on all those involved with the science education system."

A database compiled by the United States Government with the education standards for the state of Indiana.

A database compiled by the State of Indiana with it's education standards.

Science is fun!